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Overcoming the Unique Cybersecurity Challenges and Risks faced by
HBCUs, Community Colleges, and State Colleges

Dear all,

Earlier this year, Microsoft, SafePC, and Fortinet held a cybersecurity webinar focused on serving HBCUs, Community Colleges, and State Colleges who are at a great risk for Ransomware attacks.

We discussed the unique risks that HBCUs, Community Colleges, and State Colleges face in this new realm of cybersecurity threats, some real-life examples of what happens when things go wrong, and the cybersecurity priorities that higher education must focus on to remain secure and compliant

You'll learn how these institutions can leverage SafePC Solutions, a Microsoft and Fortinet partner who has leveraged technology solutions to strengthen the cybersecurity ecosystem to protect student and faculty data in this new remote hybrid era of education and work. It will also highlight how these institutions can take advantage of the Complimentary Cybersecurity Threat Assessment Program (CTAP), and additional training resources, as well as incentives for higher education institutions.

brandon johnson

Brandon Johnson
Facilitator, Microsoft

madinah ali

Madinah Ali
CEO, SafePC Solutions

mike lauer

Mike Lauer
Director State, Local, and Education Program, Fortinet

corey lee

Corey Lee
Zero Trust Architect, Microsoft Education